Opportunities as a County Farm Bureau Manager

All in a Day's Work!

Post it notefact As a County Farm Bureau Manager, you team with local farmers to address agricultural issues while you manage the day-to-day operations of an association.

As a Manager Trainee, you will receive training from IFB staff, Regional Managers, and County Farm Bureau Managers. 

You must be willing to locate anywhere in Illinois.


On any given day, you may:

  • Participate in community events
  • Write and post social media content
  • Talk with farmers or media
  • Promote an issue to policy makers
  • Manage finances of the organization 
  • Join a group on a trip to Washington, D.C.

In a Nutshell: Meet a Manager



Dee Dee Gellerman Dee Dee Gellerman, Region 3 Manager

My job with Illinois Farm Bureau has given me growth opportunities. I started as a county manager and enjoyed working with our volunteer leaders.  Now, as a regional manager, I work with volunteer leaders, but also with a great group of county Farm Bureau Managers and IFB staff. 

Tyler HarveyTyler Harvey – Douglas County Farm Bureau Manager

As a manager trainee, I was able to train with 5 county managers who, in addition to the home office staff, prepared me for my first county manager position. My career with IFB has opened doors for me and has allowed me to experience agriculture in a way that I truly enjoy and appreciate more every day.

Tasha BuntingTasha Bunting – Assistant Director of Commodities & Livestock Programs

I have the opportunity to travel throughout Illinois to county offices, visit with farmers, and learn first-hand of the projects and programs important to our members. 

As a former County Farm Bureau Manager, I brought with me an understanding of the structure and the grassroots nature of the organization. It also helped me to develop skills while working side by side with our members, which carried through to my current role at IFB.

Emily RogierEmily Rogier – Tazewell County Farm Bureau Manager

From a member, to an intern, to a county manager trainee, to Tazewell County Farm Bureau Manager, IFB has opened so many doors to new experiences and given me the chance to work alongside some of the BEST people in the industry.

As a farmer myself and a farm bureau manager, I get to live out my dream every day; promoting agriculture and serving others in every way I can.