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Illinois Farm Bureau publishes a one-stop shop for news about local issues. LINK: Local Information, News & Know-How covers everything from zoning to Internet access. In this May 2016 issue, you'll find:

County Zoning and Agriculture
Is zoning the “four letter” word it is often perceived to be?

2017 Farmland Assessed Values are Out
Attend your County Farmland Review Committee meeting to learn more

Defining a farm for the purpose of consistent zoning

Average County PI

What’s in a Word?
The importance of defining terms for zoning

National Value Added Agriculture Conference
18th Annual National Value-Added Agriculture Conference 2016

Plan your summer “staycation” around Illinois’ agritourism
Use the Prairie Bounty of Illinois to guide you

IL Supreme Court Abolishes the Public Duty of Doctrine
Emergency care providers still protected

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Illinois voters elect more than 40,000 public officials over a four‐year period.