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Illinois Farm Bureau publishes a one-stop shop for news about local issues. LINK: Local Information, News & Know-How covers everything from zoning to Internet access. In this March/April 2015 issue , you'll find:

Governor targets consolidation
Executive Order establishes task force to study the process

Changes to the Farmland Assessment Law
Noticeable in the 2015 assessment values

Annual Town Meeting
Big date in local democracy takes place on teh second Tuesday in April -the 14th

Federal Initiatives Have Big Benefits for Rural Citizens

Revenue Sharing Targeted
Governor calls for a 50% reduction in state revenue share with local goverments
Enterprise Zones
A local incentive with State support, and State veto

2015 Rural Nurse Practitioner Scholarship Program
Apply Now!  Applications are due in the Illinois Farm Bureau office by May 1

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Illinois voters elect more than 40,000 public officials over a four‐year period.