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Illinois Farm Bureau publishes a one-stop shop for news about local issues. LINK: Local Information, News & Know-How covers everything from zoning to Internet access. In this July/August 2014 issue , you'll find:

Legislative Commission Reports On Local Government in Illinois
Dupage County takes action to consolidate some of its 400+

Critical Care Needed For 9-1-1
Could new law provide life support?

Your Property Tax Bill
Understanding the rates and where your dollars go.

State of Illinois Economic Development Plan
Report identifies 10 regions of the state and specializations in each.

Highway Funding Policy Debate
Remember to include local system maintenance in your discussions.
Local Government's March To Technology
Electronic acces is inevitable, but getting there is a slow process for some.

IIRA Offers Interactive Website
Rural development guide outlines program basics.

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Illinois voters elect more than 40,000 public officials over a four‐year period.