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Illinois Farm Bureau publishes a one-stop shop for news about local issues. LINK: Local Information, News & Know-How covers everything from zoning to Internet access. In this January/February 2015 issue , you'll find:

Technology: Advancing communication with your public official
New law requires internet opportunity for give-and-take

Districts provided means to merge
Certain special purpose districts can dissolve into other units

#FarmBureauLocal #LocalGovernment
Local experience influences perspective on local government involvement

"Gigabit City" - first in southern Illinois now connected
Carbondale looking to expolit new-found speed

Annual town meeting — new rules will apply
Township voters have new options for second Tuesday in April
Improving Safety in Rural Illinois
There really is an app for that!

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Illinois voters elect more than 40,000 public officials over a four‐year period.