Illinois Corn Checkoff Donates $90,000 to Support Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom


Illinois Corn Checkoff Donates $90,000 to Support Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom

DECATUR, Ill. - The Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom (IAITC) program will continue to provide free education resources and grants to teachers across Illinois thanks to $90,000 in financial support from the Illinois Corn Checkoff program. The program is administered by the Illinois Corn Marketing Board (ICMB).

Today, representatives from ICMB presented a check to IAITC to support the upcoming school year. ICMB continues its long-standing position as the top commodity contributor to IAITC with this donation.

Illinois corn Checkoff program dollars will directly support 74 Illinois county ag literacy coalitions. Funds help provide free resources to local teachers and educators to use throughout the school year. Lesson plans and materials connect agriculture through common subjects such as language arts, math, science, and social studies. Last year, the IAITC program reached nearly 650,000 students and more than 37,5000 teachers.

"The Illinois Corn Marketing Board values our long-standing relationship with the local, county-based ag literacy programs that provide such a valuable educational service to youth across the state," said Jim Raben, immediate past-chairman, ICMB. "We are definitely supporters of youth educaiton, and we're pleased to put financial resources in the hand of the people who are the boots on the gound in this effort."

Ag Mags, four-page agricultural magazines for kids, continue to serve as a cornerstone publication of the IAITC program, and ICMB has sponsored not only the Corn Ag Mag, but also helped highlight conservation practices through Soil and Water Ag Mags, in addition to supporting topics on livestock and animal care.

"Our recently re-released Corn Ag Mag infuses technology and nutrient loss reduction strategies into the classroom," said Kevin Daugherty, director, IAITC. "The Ag Mag also includes the life of corn and corn usage in everyday items. It is linked to the Illinois Learning Standards and is perfect for teachers looking to include agriculture in their plans this fall."

"This year marks 26 years of Illinois Corn Farmer support for IAITC," said Susan Moore, director, IAA Foundation. "We are beyond thankful for the support of farmers and commodity groups in Illinois. Through this generous contribution, Illinois corn farmers will see their dollars hard at work in classrooms across the state, including urban and rural areas. IAITC continues to be successful in making important connections between the farm fields and classrooms of Illinois."


About IAA Foundation

The IAA Foundation, Illinois Farm Bureau's charitable arm, raises funds to support Illinois farm families and the future of agriculture through education. The IAITC program is the top funding priority of the IAA Foundation.

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