Spring Time = Road Blocks

Wednesday, May 8, 2019
By Jacquelyn Seals
District 13
Young Leader Committee Member

Spring temperatures are finally starting to come around, and now if the rains would only let up, outdoor work could be accomplished.

When we think about spring, we think of many things: flowers, green grass and roadblocks. Roadblocks come in many shapes and sizes, from tractors with implements, to trucks pulling tanks, to road construction zones.

Tractors and construction zones slow down our usual commutes, but we appreciate the outcomes: food on our tables and not so many bumps in our roads.

I know tractors and construction zones make drivers a little impatient when they are trying to get where they need to go, but remember, the people in those slow-moving vehicles and in those construction zones are just trying to support their families and make this country a better place. So please, keep your eyes on the road and be prepared to slow down on the roads this spring.