County Chair Award

The Illinois Farm Bureau® Young Leader County Chair Award is a program designed to recognize County Young Leader/Young Farmer Chairs for outstanding participation within their county committees.


  • The county applicant must be a County Farm Bureau Member or dependent and the county chair of record with the Young Leader Department.
  • Applicants are ineligible if they reach their 36th birthday on or before January 31, 2015.
  • County chairs who serve on the IFB® Young Leader Committee are ineligible to compete or to be counted toward points.  Spouses of State Committee members may compete, but are ineligible to receive points for certain activities.
  • If a county has co-chairs, only one of them may apply.


  • Points will be awarded for the number of county participants and chair involvement in the various activities listed on the checklist.
  • The state’s actual participation records will verify participant numbers for activities.
  • Spouses of state committee members will not receive points for specific activities because they may be participating as spouses of State YL Committee members.  These activities are indicated by a *.
  • In the event that the state cancels an activity, those registered for the event at the time of cancellation will be used to receive points.


  • Applicants who earn 400 points or more will be recognized with an Outstanding County Chair Award plaque.
  • The top county chair in each of the 5 membership groups will receive a trip to the IAA Annual Meeting and a trip to the 2015 AFBF YF&R Conference in Nashville, TN (courtesy of GROWMARK, Inc.).
  • Previous winners of the Top County Chair Award are ineligible to win this recognition again, however, they may apply for the Outstanding County Chair Award.
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County Chair Listing

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Click here for the County Chair application form.