Coles County Farm Bureau

Continued Embarras River Watershed Efforts and Conservation Practices


As part of continued support of a IEPA 319 Grant in the Embarras River Watershed (ERW), Coles County Farm Bureau (CFB) partnered with Coles Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD), University of Illinois Extension, Northwater Consulting, and Donahue & Associates, Inc. to host a Nutrient Stewardship Field Day. Topics covered included a focus on supporting education and outreach in the ERW, discussing the history of the watershed, IEPA 319 Grant and Watershed Management Plan updates, and local urban water use. The program concluded with a panel of farmers who shared their experiences with various conservation practices in the watershed.

Certified Crop Advisors can receive self-reported Continuing Education Units (CEUs) after watching the videos for each of these field days. For more information and to find the self-reporting form, visit and click “Self-Report CEUs.”

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