Henry County Farm Bureau

Henry County Farm Bureau: Woodchip bioreactor used to improve state's water quality

Henry CFB Woodchip Bioreactor

Progress in Illinois water quality stewardship is the priority for a five-year Woodchip Bioreactor Partnership between Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB), Illinois Land Improvement Contractors Association (ILICA), Illinois Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and the University of Illinois’ College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES). During the ninth and final field day of 2020, the partnership broke ground on its third bioreactor installation, the second to be installed in Henry County, in keeping with its goal to install at least five woodchip bioreactors over the state beginning in 2017. Learn more about this collaborative effort in the booklet and videos below.

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Henry CFB Booklet

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Field Day highlights

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Table of Contents

00:15: Lauren Lurkins, Illinois Farm Bureau

07:00: Katie Laleman, Henry County Farm Bureau

07:44: Brian Corkill
Site background

09:16: Katie Gisi, Illinois NRCS
Bioreactor design

11:56: Jason Hessman, NRCS
NRCS' role in partnership

13:37: Ryan Arch, ILICA
Bioreactor construction

16:57: Dr. Laura Christianson
Water quality research

27:13: Ronnie Chacon, U of I
Water sampling process