McHenry County Farm Bureau

Installing a woodchip bioreactor to improve water quality and nutrient retention

In the eighth virtual field day, John Henning, former vice president of the McHenry County Farm Bureau and current president of the McHenry County Conservation District Board of Trustees, discussed the installation of a woodchip bioreactor on conservation district property. The woodchip bioreactor provides valuable information about water quality and nutrient retention opportunities for farmers who use the technology. Partners from the McHenry County Farm Bureau, Illinois Farm Bureau, McHenry County Conservation District and University of Illinois Extension all play a role in the project. Learn more about this collaborative effort in the booklet and videos below.

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Field Day highlights

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Table of Contents

00:15: Lauren Lurkins, Illinois Farm Bureau

7:10: Dan Volkers, manager, McHenry County Farm Bureau

9:12: Elizabeth Kessler, executive director, McHenry County Conservation District 
MCCD Mission, Partnerships, and Improving the Farm Program

11:00: John Henning, president, McHenry County Conservation District Board of Trustees, and former vice president, McHenry County Farm Bureau
Farmer perspective of conservation practices

13:50: Gabe Powers, natural resources projects coordinator, McHenry County Conservation District
Regulatory considerations for site selection and project permitting

20:37: Brad Woodson, natural resources manager, McHenry County Conservation District
Site selection, planning and construction of the bioreactor

31:50: Dr. Laura Christianson, assistant professor, Department of Crop Sciences - Woodchip Bioreactor research and monitoring, University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences