Shelby County Farm Bureau

Drainage water management could help reduce nutrient runoff

In the fourth virtual field day, Stephen Anderson recently gave insights into his ongoing research project studying drainage water management and its potential to reduce nutrient runoff. Partners include Farm Bureau, Illinois Nutrient Research and Education Council, and University of Illinois.  Each play a role in studying Anderson’s Shelby County field plot. Find more details in the booklet below, then  watch the field day coverage. Find more details in this booklet, then watch the field day coverage below.

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Field Day highlights

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Table of Contents

00:15: Lauren Lurkins, Illinois Farm Bureau

4:33: Madison McFadden, manager, Shelby County Farm Bureau

5:19: Julie Hewitt, NREC
Research Support

22:34: Stephen Anderson, host farmer
Project background

26:30: Dr. Rabin Bhattarai, University of Illinois
Drainage water management research

35:16: Jacob Wood, University of Illinois
Equipment demonstration

39:13: Jason Kandume, University of Illinois
Water sample demonstration

47:45: Dr. Rabin Bhattarai, University of Illinois
Weather station