Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau

2019 results from nitrogen strip field trial

In the first field day taking place across the state this summer, Jacob Baker recently presented results of his first year studying four different nitrogen sources at four different application  rates. Partners from Farm Bureau, University of Illinois Extension, West Central FS and Yetter Manufacturing  all play a role in studying Baker’s Warren County plot. Find more details in the booklet below, then watch the field day coverage. Find more details in this booklet, then watch the field day coverage.

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Field day highlights

Field Day highlights

Watch the full event

Table of Contents

00:15: Lauren Lurkins, Illinois Farm Bureau director of environmental policy
IFB nutrient stewardship work

5:48: Gina Long, Manager, Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau

7:17: Jacob Baker, host farmer and IFB Young Leader committee chair, Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau
Site background and a farmer's perspective

16:20: Chelsea Harbach, University of Illinois Extension commercial ag Extension educator
Research and statistical support

25:25: Sarah Le'Jeune, West Central FS precision technology specialist
Using drones for nutrient management

31:36: Andy Thompson, Yetter Farm Equipment
Strip-tillage equipment options

48:25: Dr. Andrew Margenot, assistant professor in the Department of Crop Sciences at the University of Illinois
Phosphorus research in Illinois