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SWAT - it stands for Strength WIth Advisory Teams... and that is just what the new team members hope to accomplish. Each member is ready to be a part of a team that can help surface emerging issues in agriculture, provide a vision for Illinois Farm Bureau and the industry, and guide the issues. Sounds like quite an undertaking, but this group is ready to take on the challenge. For a complete list of team members, click here.

Here's a little more background on SWAT


  • Surface -- To surface issues, identify emerging topics and provide vision to the IFB Board of Directors on issues relating to farmers, production practices, rural life, and other agricultural related areas.
  • Research -- Research involves in-depth reviews of issues for grassroots input.  
  • Lead -- The teams then lead by guiding and directing the organization as they become an expert on specific issues, regulations, and legislation the team is focused on.


  • Conservation and Natural Resources Team deals with issues related to environmental regulations, conservation programs, forestry, CAFOs, permitting, pesticide use, and more.
  • Farming Production and Marketing Team takes on issues related to crop production, marketing, risk management, trade, technology, farm policy, livestock, equine, local foods, specialty crops, and more.
  • Local and State Government Team addresses rural development, local government, local economies, government finance, elections, education, energy, transportation, and more.


Each team is comprised of 12 Farm Bureau members, one IFB board member, and one County Farm Bureau manager (in an advisory capacity).  Team members are appointed to two-year terms.  The teams can meet up to four times each year for one-day meetings with the first meeting set for January 30, 2014.


Even if you aren't selected for a team, your organization and industry still needs you! You can be a valuable part of a special tactical team and serve in an advisory capacity as needed by selecting specific issues on the application form.

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2014 SWAT members

For a complete list of SWAT team members, click here.

SWAT Brochure

To learn more, download a brochure here.