Meet the State Finalists


The Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB) Young Leader program is filled with young people who go the extra mile to achYLFinalistsinsieve success. Each year, IFB recognizes these outstanding individuals with various awards. Recently, the state finalists were announced for the Achievement Award and Excellence in Ag Award.

The Young Leader Achievement Award Program selects a winning competitor based on his/her efforts in production agriculture, leadership ability, and involvement and participation in Farm Bureau and other organizations. The ideal candidate(s) for the Achievement Award is an individual or couple involved in production agriculture with a majority of his/her income subject to normal production risks. The IFB Young Leader Committee and the Young Leader Department coordinate the program at the state level.

The Young Leader Excellence in Agriculture Award Program is designed as an opportunity for young leaders to earn recognition, while actively contributing and growing through their involvement in their County and the Illinois Farm Bureau, as well as in agriculture. Participants will be judged on their involvement in agriculture, leadership ability and participation/involvement in Farm Bureau and other organizations (i.e., civic, service and community).

Congratulations to the finalists. The announcement of the state winner in both awards will be made on Tuesday, August 12, at the YL Agri-Quiz Bowl Contest in Springfield.


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Rules for Achievement Award Applicants

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Rules for Excellence in Ag Award Applicants

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Young Leader Chair Jared Finegan on RFD Radio

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