Need Answers? Try New Farm Facts Brochure


Facts From The FarminsA new brochure provides a solution for a common problem, as well as answers for frequently asked questions about farming. In fact, a county Farm Bureau manager who needed a quick resource proposed the idea.

About 300 people attend Lee County Farm Bureau’s annual Ag Expo, and many basic questions resurface each year. “I just wanted a go-to spot for answers,” said Danelle Burrs, Lee County Farm Bureau manager who suggested the brochure. “I think it will be a very useful brochure. We have questions come up at events, and you or your volunteers know the answer, but you’re concerned if you would say something incorrectly.”

“Facts from the Farm” offers succinct responses to several common misconceptions about raising livestock, growing crops, and Illinois farms. Linda Olson, Illinois Farm Bureau manager of consumer communications, envisioned the brochure being distributed at fairs and events attended by nonfarm people.

The brochure also provides 17 resources and their websites where people may find more information. “The resources are largely neutral resources,” Olson added.

An IFB consumer outreach advisory committee spearheaded the project with the help from the Illinois Farm Families, IFB Senior Illustrator Phillip Gangler, other IFB staff, and Anna Ziegler with McLean County Farm Bureau.

IFB sells packages of 25 for $3.75 plus shipping. Check with your county Farm Bureau for more information.

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