Latest news & resources on the EPA proposed rule


Here are the latest news and resources regarding the EPA proposed rule and the Ditch The Rule campaign.

A recent AFBF News Release-

A new Environmental Protection Agency rule will illegally expand EPA jurisdiction to millions of acres of once-unregulated farm land, exposing farmers to fines and penalties for ordinary farming activities, the American Farm Bureau Federation told Congress today.

"The EPA isn't content with regulating just water – they want to control land use, too, even though Congress and the Courts have already told them no," Don Parrish, Senior Director Regulatory Affairs at the American Farm Bureau Federation said.

The agency's overreach, Parrish said, ignores the will of Congress and courts, alike. And as bad as the rule is, the agency compounds farmers' problems by calling into question dozens of exemptions for basic farming techniques through a separate, interpretative rule already in effect.

"Farmers face an impossible choice," Parrish said. The proposed rule that expands jurisdiction and the interpretive rule together are a bad idea that threatens livelihoods as well as local land-use and zoning authority. It's time to ditch this rule."


Read the full story here.

Learn more about the EPA’s proposed rule:

Watch this video for a complete explanation of the proposed rule, and share it on social media to help spread the word.

Contact your local County Farm Bureau for information, or visit the official Ditch the Rule website for an in-depth explanation.

IFB’s Director of National Legislation & Policy Development, Adam Nielsen, says it is important for Illinois to continue efforts to spread the word about the proposed rule.

 Help Ditch the Rule:

  1. Contact your County Farm Bureau and ask them how you can get involved.
  2. Share posts and retweet information from the IFB Facebook and Twitter pages as we share content at least twice per week.
  3. Contact your County Farm Bureau for additional resources such as a web graphic, yard sign, bumper sticker or window cling.

*Some content for this story, and the graphic were provided by AFBF.

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More DTR News & Resources

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