C-BMP's Quarterly "KIC" Report


The Illinois Council on Best ManagementKICins Practices (CBMP) is a coalition of agribusinesses and agricultural organizations, including Illinois Farm Bureau, that focuses on education, outreach and collaborating on research regarding agricultural best management practices to improve water quality in Illinois. 

One of CBMP’s current programs is “Keep It for the Crop by 2025” or “KIC 2025”, which is a critical component of the soon-to-be-released Illinois State Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy. 

One component of KIC 2025 is a nutrient stewardship program focusing on reducing nutrient losses from agriculture, while focusing on the 4Rs of Nutrient Use:  Right Source, Right Rate, Right Time, Right Place. 

Other components of KIC 2025 include a Cover Crop Initiative and N-WATCH soil inventory sites.

To see the latest update on KIC 2025, please follow this link.

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