Tell Us what Exports Mean to You

Trade Camp _insExports matter to agriculture – both in Illinois and throughout the country. What do they mean to your farm?

Include your story in Farm Bureau’s ongoing trade campaign.

You can help impress upon Congress the importance of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)-an agreement with eleven other countries that would open markets, set high-standard trade rules, and address the 21st century issues in the global economy. TPP will promote jobs and growth in the United States and across the Asia-Pacific region.

Join us in this effort by:

  • Watching a short, 13-minute video on trade:
  • Completing this form to become a spokesperson:
  • Telling us, in a short (2 minute) video how and why trade is important to your farm
  • Submitting your video:

Include in your video:

  • Your name
  • Where you farm (town/county)
  • What you grow/raise
  • Why trade matters to you (Do you export crops or livestock to a certain market? Are your crops fed to livestock that are exported? How would your farm or income be different without trade and exports of U.S. goods?)

Personal stories resonate with legislators. Your story will have an impact when shared on social media, with newspapers and in meetings with lawmakers.

Click here to stay up-to-date on our trade efforts or check out our webpage for updates, events, and ways to engage.

For more information please contact Adam Nielsen at or Tamara Nelsen at

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TPP and IL Agriculture

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