Get to know the new Young Leader award winners

See and hear from the two who recently received the top awards among young agricultural leaders involved in Illinois Farm Bureau.

By Mike Orso

Through her selection as the Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB) Young Leader Achievement Award winner, Lynn Rohrscheib carries on a family tradition.

Her parents were runners up for the award in the early 1980s, and Rohrscheib, who farms in Vermilion County, did them one better three decades later.

“I have always watched my parents … and have always known about the award,” said Rohrscheib following the announcement last week at the Illinois State Fair. “I thought it would be a really neat idea if someday I would be able to apply for the award and someday win the award.”

The farm is still very much a family enterprise. Rohrscheib raises corn, soybeans and wheat, and manages a custom application business with her parents and sister. In addition to her involvement in Vermillion County Farm Bureau Young Leaders, she serves as one of four Illinois farmers on the United Soybean Board. Illinois farmers also recently elected her chairman of the Illinois Soybean Association.

The IFB Young Leader Achievement Award recognizes young farmers who derive most of their income from farming for:

- Efforts in production agriculture

- Leadership ability

- Involvement and participation in Farm Bureau and other organizations

Faithful Twitter users throughout Illinois agriculture probably have seen “Supper with Sean,” a frequent, live discussion on the popular social media platform with Sean Arians. A member of the Woodford County Farm Bureau Young Leaders, Arians recently received IFB’s Young Leader Excellence in Agriculture award.

“I’ve been involved (in Farm Bureau) for 17 years now,” said Arians, who has also served as IFB Young Leader Committee chairman. “Whatever that looks like in your county, use that as a launch pad to promote our industry not just form within Farm Bureau but other organizations across the county, state and even within our country.”

Arians works as a marketing manager for The Climate Corporation and grows corn and soybeans on family land in Whiteside County.

The IFB Young Leader Excellence in Agriculture award recognizes young leaders who are involved in agriculture but do not rely solely on production agriculture for income.

Rohrscheib and Arians will represent Illinois in national competitions sponsored by the American Farm Bureau Federation at the organization’s annual meeting in January.

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