FB ACT honoree says contacting lawmakers 'duty' for members

Electronic communications methods have made contacting legislators quicker and easier.

By Kay Shipman


FB ACT honoree Denny Pfanz (right) receives an iPad for his legislative efforts on behalf of IFB at their Annual Meeting in Chicago. (Photo by Catrina Rawson)

Woodford County Farm Bureau President Dennis “Denny” Pfanz ensures legislators and other elected officials hear his voice on issues important to farmers and agriculture. Not only does Pfanz reach out to share his views, but he also encourages fellow county Farm Bureau board members and other Farm Bureau members to do likewise.

“I feel it’s my duty,” Pfanz said.

At IFB’s Annual Meeting in Chicago, Pfanz was recognized for responding to IFB’s request to contact legislators. He received an iPad for his legislative work on behalf of IFB.

Pfanz quipped action requests frequently seem to occur during farmers’ busiest seasons of planting and harvesting. “But it’s so easy now,” he said. “I can sit in my tractor and make a call.” He pointed out email contacts also can be accomplished quickly.

Pfanz was selected among eligible Farm Bureau members who responded to Farm Bureau actions requests and reported their legislative contacts as part of FB ACT (Farm Bureau Agricultural Contact Team).

In Woodford County, responses to Farm Bureau action requests are taken seriously and reviewed during county Farm Bureau board meetings, according to Pfanz. He speculated action requests could be forwarded electronically to more members if their email addresses were known.

In Pfanz’s view, members who contact legislators about important issues don’t need to wonder if their effort might have resulted in a different outcome. “If you’ve called, that’s all you can do,” he said.

As for his new iPad, the county Farm Bureau president looks forward to using his new electronic device with tips from younger family members.

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