Top four reasons to make Clinton County FB spring field day

March 25th event will cover solutions related to manure, cover crop termination and more.

Editor’s note: This article represents ongoing stories related to Illinois Farm Bureau’s Nutrient Stewardship Grant program.

Farmers will find plenty of reasons to attend a March 25 Clinton County Farm Bureau nutrient field day. They certainly won’t want to miss local field results and solutions to everything from livestock manure to cover crops.

1.    Local, local, local

Not statewide averages or even results from other counties, this information comes straight from Clinton County fields and demonstration plots. Farmers will see for themselves what happened in the ground beneath each of the 20 cover crop varieties and mixes in the county Farm Bureau’s plot. They’ll hear a soil health expert describe plant/soil interaction as seen in a soil pit. (Be sure to dress accordingly for the outdoor session.)

2.    Strategies – and free testing – to get the most from your manure

Clinton County means livestock, but what should you do to get the most from manure nutrients? Know what nutrients you’re applying and their value by testing. Learn how to collect samples for best test results and how to get two samples Clinton Facebooktested free this spring. Develop management plans to gain the most value from those manure nutrients.

3.    Practical answers to questions about farming with cover crops

Cover crops provide many benefits, but the time comes to plant a cash crop. Hear how to properly terminate different cover crops based on Clinton County conditions. Once cover crops are terminated, planters need to be set differently to plant into that heavy residue mass compared with other fields. Learn how to adjust your planter to get the best results.

4.    Be proactive and stay ahead of the curve

Keeping nutrients in fields makes economic sense. It also reduces environmental impacts. Illinois farmers can apply the best strategies for their fields and farming operations, but that time is now, and every farmer needs to take action. Demonstrate that farmers don’t need regulations to be good stewards.

Field Day Details

March 25, 9:15 a.m.-2 p.m.

Knights of Columbus Hall, Breese

Free meal, transportation to field site

Advance reservations required by March 20.

For reservations or information, call Clinton County Farm Bureau at 618-526-7235  

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