Faces of Ag resonate with Facebook followers

Fulton County Farm Bureau uses the social media platform for a month-long celebration of agriculture.

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Fulton County Farm Bureau Faces of Agriculture - Rick and Ryan Bull

Thanks to an idea from Fulton County Farm Bureau (FCFB) Young Leader (YL) Committee members, the entire month of March became a celebration of National Ag Day (March 20).

A monthlong Faces of Agriculture campaign on the Farm Bureau Facebook page featured a farmer or agribusiness person every day. The campaign also celebrated Fulton County Board’s designation of Fulton County Ag Week (March 18-24).

In late February, YL Committee members and FCFB Manager Elaine Stone came up with a list of 31 people – one for each day of March – and sent a letter to each explaining how they would be featured in the promotion. Each person received a list of topics/subjects to address and a question to answer: "What do you want people to know about agriculture?"  

On Feb. 28, FCFB posted an explanation of the upcoming celebration, “teasing” Facebook followers to check daily posts. Stone then scheduled stories and a photo to post at 1 a.m. on Facebook each day of the month.

The program launched with a post about a young couple raising bees and selling honey, and finished with a long-time Farm Bureau member who remembered farming with horses as a girl. The segments featured a 1-year-old's perspective written by her grandmother, high school and college students, and members in their 60s.

Faces of Ag proved a huge success, with most daily page views in the thousands. Following the campaign, the profiles and pictures were compiled into a 33-page book printed by the local newspaper. These were distributed to everyone who was profiled, local elected officials, state lawmakers and others.

“We feel the impact of these stories is more far-reaching than we ever intended! It will be particularly useful in illustrating the changes that have taken place in our industry over the lifetimes of the people we profiled,” said Robin Fisher, FCFB YL chair. “We finished the campaign by reminding followers, especially those not tied to a farm, to question the information they’re receiving about agriculture. Ask a famer if you want the facts!”

Faces of Ag can be seen by visiting the Fulton County Farm Bureau Facebook page. The book may be viewed and downloaded at fultoncfb.org.

Content for this story was provided by FarmWeekNow.com.

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