All quiet on the state budget front

Clock's ticking to reach a deal that the governor will sign before deadline.

By DeLoss Jahnke

Bruce Rauner _GALC_March 2018

With Memorial Day drawing nearer, the voices asking whether a budget deal will be reached in Springfield are growing louder.

“We’re done in, supposedly, three weeks with the General Assembly session, and it’s been pretty quiet,” said Mark Gebhards, Illinois Farm Bureau’s executive director of governmental affairs and commodities.

“Now, I know that the budgeteers from both sides of the aisle in both chambers have been meeting and talking and working, so there is some activity going on behind the scenes,” he continued. “But when it comes to a lot of the up-front kinds of issues, the budget’s really been quiet this year.”

Gebhards expects the noise to become more noticeable soon.

The big question, he said, will be if Gov. Bruce Rauner would sign a budget, should one reach his desk.

“If not, where does that take us?” Gebhards said during the “RFD Today” radio program. “Do we head into overtime as we go into June? We’re hopeful that we can get everything done, but time will tell.”

Gebhards said IFB will closely follow the budget process and how it could affect farmers and property owners.

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