Illinois Livestock Farms are Environmentally Sustainable

Truth #2


Lynn Martz


“We have utilized manure from our beef farm to improve the health of our soils and increase our crop production. There’s no better complete fertilizer source available.”

– Lynn Martz, beef producer in DeKalb County


Sustainability is a term that is used in today’s society by many different groups. Sustainability, as it relates to livestock production, is not just a buzz word, but rather a way of life and doing business for today’s livestock farmers.


Did you know?

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  • Illinois Livestock farmers continuously improve their farms and produce more food with fewer resources.
  • Livestock has proven to be part of an environmentally sustainable system. Livestock farmers find innovative ways to continually improve their farms.
    • Manure is a valuable, renewable resource that improves crop productivity and soil health.
    • Farmers look to scientific research in order to learn new ways of producing food using fewer resources. The University of Illinois is a leading research institution and, in addition to work at multiple state other Illinois universities, provides information to farmers.
    • Solar panels can safety preserve the long-term viability of the family farm. Parks Livestock chose to install a solar array at a hog finishing barn built in 2017 in Vermilion County. In one year, the electricity produced by the Parks’ solar array is expected to prevent 176 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.