IFB members to Congress: Pass USMCA

Compiled by FarmWeekNow.com staff

More than 900 Illinois Farm Bureau members sent about 3,600 messages to Capitol Hill Wednesday urging passage of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

The messages were sent to members of Illinois' congressional delegation and Speaker Nancy Pelosi as part of an action request issued by IFB Wednesday. The action request continues.

“We have an urgent situation in Illinois agriculture this year – there’s no question,” said Adam Nielsen, IFB’s director of national legislation and policy development. “We’ve lost our big market of China. There’s an opportunity to get some of that market back with USMCA.

"We need to get Speaker Nancy Pelosi to put it on the floor for a vote and we need to send a collective message to our elected officials in Washington that we don’t have time to wait," Nielsen told the RFD Radio Network. "They need to act as quickly as possible and get it on the floor and get it ratified. We need a win."

And farmers can help make it happen.

Members are encouraged to participate in the action request at this link and also sign a pro-USMCA letter initiated by Farmers for Free Trade.  

“We can help move issues and we can help call attention to things that are important to us,” Nielsen said.

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