IFB PM membership: 'Mutually beneficial'

For Montgomery County Farm Bureau member Jade Lorton, Professional Membership not only benefits her interests, but also her career.

Montgomery County Farm Bureau Professional Member Jade Lorton knew joining the organization's Young Leader program would not only benefit her career, but allow her to make connections with like-minded people in the agriculture industry. (Photos courtesy of Jade Lorton)

By Rita Frazer

Jade Lorton is happy in her current position at Osborn Barr Paramore in St. Louis. As an associate, 22-year-old Lorton gets to work with farmers every day, a job that she had hoped for since she was an FFA member in high school.

Lorton began her career shortly after graduating with a degree in Agriculture Communications and Ag Business Economics from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.

“That’s when I decided to join the (Farm Bureau) Young Leader group in Montgomery County,” Lorton said.  

Because of her age, Lorton joined the Farm Bureau as a Professional Member. With her membership, she gets to enjoy all the perks of the Young Leader program.

This year Lorton attended the state Young Leader Conference and was able to connect with other ag professionals from around the state. 

“As a communicator, I love every opportunity to network with others and I think that Farm Bureau is a really great way for me to do that,” Lorton said. “It goes hand-in-hand with what I do at my job, so I connect with farmers for work and then I am able to go to Farm Bureau events and connect with farmers and other professional members.” 

Lorton has chosen to stay on the farm and commute to her job in downtown St. Louis each day because it gives her the opportunity to take in farm scenery.

“The drive is really great on I-70 and I-55,” Lorton said. “I get to see what farmers are doing in different counties.”

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