IFB Resolutions Committee to move policy process forward

By Kay Shipman

Illinois Farm Bureau’s policy development process is proceeding with the Resolutions Committee to review policy submissions next month.

The process and goal to prepare policy for the IFB Annual Meeting remain unchanged. However, the working conditions will be slightly different due to COVID-19 and guidelines to protect the health and safety of Farm Bureau leaders and staff.

“Now more than ever grassroots policy is crucial. We need to have solid policy in place,” said IFB Vice President Brian Duncan, chairman of the Resolutions Committee. Duncan noted IFB policy addresses a gamut of issues, including taxes and public policy.

Recently, Duncan advised committee members the three subcommittees would not meet in person, but rather meet in early August conference calls to elect chairs and vice chairs of their respective subcommittees.

Resolutions Committee members will meet in person Aug. 12 at IFB’s Bloomington office. During that meeting, IFB will follow Centers for Disease Control guidelines for social distancing with individual desks placed 6 feet apart, available hand sanitizer and masks in certain areas.

Some IFB staff will be available to advise committee members in person, while others will be available via online video chat.

As in the past, all policy proposals are divided among the three subcommittees: Agricultural Production and National Issues, State and Local Government, and Natural Resources. The full committee will review all county submittals and have time to review and revise existing policy.

Duncan recommended committee members consider situations and issues that influenced their farms the past few years and review existing IFB policy to determine if updates or improvements are warranted. He also encouraged members to share policy ideas with county Farm Bureau leaders “and make your voices heard.”

“If policy needs clarification or revision, let us know,” Duncan said, adding the Resolutions Committee will meet again in November to review proposals submitted after its August meeting. “It’s the grassroots that lets us know what to pursue.”

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