Plenty of IAA Foundation scholarships available, but more funding needed

Hear from some of this year's recipients during a visit to IFB headquarters to explore opportunities in agriculture.

Out of nearly 70 scholarships awarded this year, 40 of the recipients traveled to Illinois Farm Bureau headquarters to meet with various leaders. (Photo courtesy of IAA Foundation)

By Jim Taylor

The IAA Foundation celebrated another successful scholarship year by welcoming many of the winners to meet with the Illinois Farm Bureau Board of Directors and others at IFB headquarters.

“We had over 300 applications to review this year,” said the Executive Director Susan Moore. “We awarded just under 70 scholarships.”

Forty of the recipients came to Bloomington to discuss leadership opportunities within agriculture.

“They got to talk first-hand with the recruiters for the family of companies,” including IFB, COUNTRY Financial, GROWMARK and more, Moore said. “They had a really fun Q&A session, where they received some real frank answers about what to do and what not to do at career fairs and interviews.”

The scholarship program continues to grow with cash and even farmland donations.

“We need it, too, because tuition continues to grow, and we have more and more deserving students,” Moore said. “But unfortunately, at this time, we still have to say no to quite a few of them.

“I really love working with individual families and organizations who aspire to do this but don’t really want to tackle it on their own,” she added. “We make the process really simple.”

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The entry point is an agreement with a family to fund a $1,000 scholarship for five years.

“Those that want to do a larger chunk as part of their estate planning, that’s another great way to consider that lasting legacy.”

You can find out more about creating a scholarship or applying for one by visiting

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