PM member shines light on ALOT program

By Rita Frazer

Drew Lansaw didn’t grow up on a farm, but his involvement in FFA sparked his interest in agriculture – an interest that eventually developed into a career.

Born and raised in Greene County, Lansaw now sells seeds for Brandt Consolidated, where he is also involved with tech, GPS and yield mapping. He lives in Carrollton with his wife, Ashley, and son, Joey.

Lansaw credits the ALOT program for introducing him to Farm Bureau and the PM membership.

He recalls participating in a nine-week course in 2017. His highlights of the program include: getting to know the people in the program, watching committee hearings in Springfield, learning how to engage with people outside of agriculture and networking.

Listen: Drew Lansaw shares how he first became involved with ag in an interview with RFD's Rita Frazer

“If you are simply looking for something to expand some leadership qualities or anything along those lines, or just a better understanding of how government works all the way from local to state and a better understanding of how Farm Bureau works, grassroots up, that program is amazing,” he said. “You meet a lot of really great people and it gave me a better understanding of what I can do and how to be effective.”

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