Making time for those that matter most


March 6, 2023


Katlyn Post
District 6


Making time for those that matter most, even in the busy season!

Close your eyes, imagine it’s your first year as a student in an ag class and participating in FFA. You have participated in FFA events and would like to get more involved. Your teacher shares with you that Spring semester is the busiest semester as far as FFA goes!

Hi, my name is Katlyn Post (Miss Post) and I am your ag teacher. But seriously, I am the ag teacher at Herscher High School. Spring semester is loaded with FFA events and it can be kind of tricky to balance your time between Proficiencies, FFA week, our auction, plant sale, not to mention the Career Development Events!

Life gets BUSY! Growing up, I remember spring being one of the busiest times for my father and family. Knowing this, we made a point to always spend quality time when we could. Whether that was riding in the planter when dad was planting or bringing meals out the field, we always made time for one another. As my sister and I got older we got more involved in FFA and softball. Softball season happens to be in the spring. My father always made sure he was available for our games or even picked us up from practice.

I guess what I am getting at is, no matter the time of year, life gets BUSY! But in order to uphold our values, or build the life we’ve always wanted, we have to make time for the things that are important to YOU! Sit down, create a list of what is important to you. What are your values? What do you care about? What should you prioritize? Once you create these lists you will have no problem identifying what you want out of life and how to spend your time. 

Editor’s note: This blog was published in the March 6 issue of FarmWeek.