Clinton County Farm Bureau

Cover Crop for Forage and Manure Management Research

Now in their sixth year participating in the Nutrient Stewardship Grant Program, Clinton County Farm Bureau (CFB) is continuing to provide numerous education and outreach opportunities, primarily focused on manure management, cover crops, and soil health. In April 2021, they partnered with IFB to share a spring update from the cover crop and forage plot, providing a full scope of the various activities taking place at Clinton CFB member Mark Litteken’s farm and throughout the county. They also hosted an in-person field day on July 27th to further cover various nutrient stewardship practices taking place through their Nutrient Stewardship Grant project.

Certified Crop Advisors can receive self-reported Continuing Education Units (CEUs) after watching the videos for each of these virtual field days. For more information, and to find the self-reporting form, visit and click “Self-Report CEUs.”


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Field Day highlights

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April Cover Crop and Forage Plot Research Update

Field day highlights


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