NREC Phosphorus Runoff Webinar Available

The Illinois Nutrient Research and Education Council (NREC)  and Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB) recently partnered to present a webinar that highlights research conducted by scientists at University of Illinois. The research focuses on phosphorus runoff and how fertilizer application methods can impact the rate of runoff. The webinar also aims at sharing outcomes and impact to yield.

As the researchers studied phosphorus runoff they looked at the following variables:

  • How deep placement of phosphorus migth reduce phosphorus losses from farm fields
  • Impacts in both no-till and strip-till fields
  • Nutrient loss in a stimulated 10-year rain event
  • Yield results

Kristin Greer, Senior Research Specialist in Crop Sciences at the University of Illinois, leads the webinar.

The Illinois Nutrient Research & Education Council (NREC) was created by state statute in 2012. Funded by a 75-cent per ton assessment on bulk fertilizer sold in Illinois, NREC provides financial support for nutrient research and education programs to ensure the discovery and adoption of practices that address environmental concerns, optimize nutrient use efficiency, and ensure soil fertility.  

A 13-member NREC Council annually solicits, reviews and funds projects that fulfill the organization’s mission. More information can be found at

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