Lessons to be learned from international ag trips

IFB invites farmers on mission to South America in early 2018.

By Jim Taylor

Keeping Illinois farmers competitive will be the focus for a group of Illinois farmers when they travel to South America early next year. Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB) plans to lead the group to Argentina and Brazil to see if changes in local, state or national policy here need to take place to keep pace with South American farmers.

"Why not go there and see what they’re doing, see how they’re faring and see what makes them more competitive or not,” said Tamara Nelsen, IFB senior director of commodities.

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Specific issues the excursion plans to examine include South American transportation infrastructure, research and development, biofuels and regulatory processes. Over the last 25 years, the two countries have become international agricultural powerhouses.

Illinois farmers that want to participate will be expected to do some homework before the trip and share what they learn with others when they return to the United States.

“They learn a lot and they see where their markets are, but they also see things in those countries from other farmers or sometimes from farmers they’re traveling with,” said Nelsen, who participated in a recent edition of the "RFD Today" program. “It just gives them a different perspective on that issue or that country.”

The trip takes place January 27 through February 4. Click here to learn more or register.

The deadline to sign up is November 13.

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