2021 Nutrient Stewardship Grant Program

This week, the environmental team announced 2021 Nutrient Stewardship Grant award winners. The program is a cornerstone of the wide range of projects that IFB supports, providing CFBs and farmer members with the opportunity to develop grassroots nutrient stewardship efforts in their local communities. Funded projects show active collaboration in all categories of the Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy (NLRS) - education and outreach, research, implementation and documentation.

Since 2015, the IFB Board of Directors has committed over $700,000 to this program, funding 100 projects in 70 counties across Illinois. IFB has committed $150,000 to the 2021 program, which will include 28 CFBs and their partners working on 21 projects throughout the state (learn more about individual projects in this FarmWeekNow.com article).

We look forward to continuing to be an active supporter of farmer-led efforts to meet nutrient loss reduction goals. Thank you to all of the CFBs and other partners who applied.