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IMPORTANT: Dicamba Training Requirements for 2018 Use

Due to a change in the product label for the three dicamba-containing herbicides allowed for use on dicamba-resistant soybeans, all certified private applicators in Illinois and anyone who applies these products under their supervision must attend a qualified dicamba training session this winter. Prior to applying these products in the 2018 growing season and each season thereafter, applicator(s) must complete dicamba or auxin-specific training.

Labels for affected products may be viewed using the following link:

Free, 90-minute training sessions are being offered around the state to assist applicators in meeting the enhanced training requirement. Advance registration is required, please visit: to find a venue near you and to reserve your space in the class.

LeafOur Role as Good Stewards

Being good stewards of new crop and chemical technologies helps us maintain the integrity of the U.S. food and grain supply and preserves our access to future technologies and processes. Farm Bureau supports farming methods that properly care for the land, air and water and that produce a safe food supply. It is more important than ever that farmers understand and properly use crop protection products, as biotechnology and other innovations make new crop and crop protection products available. 

Proper understanding and handling of crop protection products is important to every farmer.

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Illinois Farm Bureau Policy Supports:

  • Farming methods that result in environmental stewardship
  • Responsible and legal use of all herbicides including Dicamba
  • Growers following all label instructions to ensure future product availability
  • Strict adherence to contracts and sales agreements covering the production, marketing and use of biotechnology products
  • Anyone employed to apply general use pesticides must be licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture. 

LeafWhy Steward? - To ensure crop technologies remain effective through regulatory compliance, and to preserve opportunities for future biotech products and processes. To protect our neighbors, the environment, and the communities around us.

LeafWhat else? - Use the resources listed here to help you understand and properly use crop protection products. Doing so is more important than ever as biotechnology and other innovations bring new crop and crop protection products to market.

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