2019 Crop Year: Farm Program Announcements

The 2019 crop year has yielded historical planting decisions and program announcements regarding rule and deadline changes. Illinois Farm Bureau staff assembled this resource to help members navigate these unusual times. This information continues to change daily. If you have any questions, please contact Adam Nielsen, Director of National Legislation, at 309-531-1950, or email anielsen@ilfb.org.  

Key Dates & Deadlines

Month Date Event/Report
September 1 Farmers can hay/graze covers on PP fields 
September 12 NASS Crop Production Report 
September 20 Deadline for Dairy Margin Coverage
October 10 NASS Crop Production Report 
November  8 NASS Crop Production Report 
December 10 NASS Crop Production Report  
December 15 Reporting deadline for fall-seeded crops