Illinois Department of Agriculture

Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) Cover Crop Incentives

You may have heard that IDOA received funding for a new program that would offer a cover crop incentive for utilizing cover crops. That program, called “Fall Covers for Spring Savings”, was included in the FY2020 budget. More details will come out in the fall on this program, which has not been implemented yet.  

That program is not to be confused with the Prevented Plant Cover Crop Program, launched June 21. This cost-share program allocated a total of $400,000 to help farmers control weeds on their prevented plant acres. IDOA offered $5 per acre for cover crop seeding on 93,750 acres across the state. Those funds were committed by July 19. 

Only cover crops detailed in the Midwest Cover Crop Council Cover Crop Decision Tool were allowed for consideration in this program. *Keep in mind RMA is allowing some corn and soybeans to qualify as a cover crop, but the state has decided to be more restrictive.