Why the farm bill matters in Illinois

Why the farm bill matters in Illinois:

Illinois has:

  • Over 27 million acres of land
  • Over 24 million acres of cropland
  • More than 70,000 farms

Illinois is the:

  • #1 producer of soybeans
  • #2 producer of corn
  • #4 producer of pork

Illinois farmers:

Illinois conservation efforts include:

Illinois trade efforts:

  • Reached $11.2 billion in agricultural exports abroad
  • Make Illinois the 3rd largest agricultural exporting state overall
  • Make Illinois the 2nd leading exporter of soybeans, feed grains, and related products

Illinois residents rely on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs (SNAP) to:

  • Feed 1.9 million low-income individuals
  • Provide meals for 1.1 million low-income families, including:
    • 1.1 million breakfasts daily
    • 1.7 million lunches daily
  • Click here to read what SNAP benefits can and cannot purchase.

To qualify for SNAP benefits in Illinois:

  • A family of four must have an annual household income before taxes no greater than $36,075
  • A family of six can qualify with an income of no more than $48,347
  • Single adults can qualify with an income of no more than $17,667

Roughly eight cents of every $1 spent on food purchases (including SNAP purchases) return to the farmgate.