Prem ID

Does your farm have a Prem ID?

Register or update your Premises today – the future of Illinois’ livestock industry is in your hands.

What is a Prem ID?

The Premises Identification Number program is a database of locations where livestock are housed, raised, and produced. The free and confidential system is administered by Illinois Department of Agriculture Bureau of Animal Health & Welfare.

Who needs a Prem ID?

  • Fairgrounds
  • Farms
  • Feed Mills
  • Processing Plants
  • Truck Washes
  • Veterinarian Clinics
  • Zoos

Why do I need to register my Premises?

Each registered Premises brings us one step closer to improved animal disease traceability and the ability to respond within 48 hours in the event of a disease outbreak or other animal emergencies.

How do I register or update my Prem ID?

Call the Illinois Department of Agriculture at 217-782-4944 or fill out the form online.

Click here to print your form. Submit your completed form by email, fax, or mail.


The Power of Premises Protection. 

Your Livestock. Your Livelihood. Your Future.