Action request: How can IFB help?

Illinois Farm Bureau issued an action request Tuesday urging its members to answer four questions about the impacts of COVID-19.

Questions ask farmers what problems they foresee, which programs would help them, what Farm Bureau should focus on in the next stimulus bill and how USDA should distribute money included the recently-enacted CARES Act.

Responses will be shared with the Illinois Farm Bureau Board of Directors and used to help shape discussions with local, state and federal officials.

“Since this crisis began, Illinois Farm Bureau has worked aggressively to communicate our industry’s challenges and needs to elected leaders in Springfield and Washington,” according to the action request. “We want to ensure we continue to be available to our members during this time.”

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Adam Nielsen, IFB’s director of national legislation and policy development, added: “Our agenda is driven by the needs of our members. While this action request will remain open indefinitely, the quicker we hear from our members, the quicker we’ll able to move on their suggestions and needs.”

To participate, visit this link.