Census questionnaires hitting some Illinoisans’ front doors

By Kay Shipman

Field workers with the U.S. Census Bureau will soon deliver census questionnaires to 43,647 Illinois households, primarily those who don’t receive mail at their physical address.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Census Bureau suspended field operations March 28 to protect the public’s health and that of census employees.

“Be aware census takers are out in communities now,” said Ashley Cravens, Illinois Farm Bureau political advocacy and engagement coordinator.

Temporary census field workers were trained to follow social distancing protocols and will wear government-provided personal protective equipment. They will have census identification, masks and should be easy to identify.

IFB encourages members, and all Illinoisans, to complete the 2020 Census because an accurate count is key, Cravens noted.

“Hundreds of billions of dollars will be allocated based on official results from the census,” she said. “This will directly impact communities during the next 10 years. Additionally, legislative boundaries from U.S. House districts, Illinois General Assembly and all the way down to county and municipal units of government will be redrawn based on shifts in population.”

Cravens explained census data will help determine communities’ needs and how those needs may be met. For example, an area with many young adults would be more likely to need hospitals and medical facilities equipped for births and to provide young children with health care. In an area with more elderly residents, medical providers and resources would be needed to meet their needs.

Cravens encouraged anyone who receives one of the questionnaire packets to use the identification number provided. Information can be supplied online, by calling or completing a paper form.

This story was provided by FarmWeekNow.com.