Guebert: Voters decided flat tax ‘fair way’ to tax income


Illinois voters rejected a proposed constitutional amendment Tuesday to change Illinois’ flat rate income tax. Illinois Farm Bureau opposed the measure and worked to educate IFB members and voters of the reasons why this was not sound tax policy.

“We are pleased the voters of Illinois have spoken and decided the state’s flat tax is the fairest way to tax income,” said IFB President Richard Guebert Jr.

Amendment proponents needed either a simple majority of all votes cast in the election or 60% of those who voted on that question. The proponents conceded after the Associated Press reported that 55% of votes were against changing the flat rate income tax structure.

County Farm Bureaus and Farm Bureau members worked hard, sharing information and urging people to vote no through multiple actions, such as posting yard signs, social media messages, writing letters to the editor and advertising on radio.

Guebert praised their efforts: “All members of Illinois Farm Bureau should be proud of the campaign we ran. We focused on the issues, IFB policy and facts to educate our members and voters across the state.

“This election outcome truly shows that your vote matters,” the IFB president continued. “It is also a testament to IFB’s grassroots process that enables members to unite behind our policies and together, make a real impact on critically important matters in the state.”

However, Guebert cautioned Farm Bureau members work remains to address the state’s poor finances and the large liability of the state pension system.

“IFB will continue to work with policy makers in Springfield to change our state’s fiscal habits” that include an ever-mounting backlog of unpaid bills, he said.

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