IAA Foundation names 2019-20 scholarship winners

More than $106,000 awarded to 69 students pursuing agriculture-related degrees.

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Illinois and other Midwestern students will have help paying for college thanks to scholarships awarded by the IAA Foundation.

This year, the IAA Foundation, the charitable arm of the Illinois Farm Bureau, awarded $106,900 to 69 students pursuing degrees in agriculture-related fields, or from a farming background, based on their academic ability, leadership involvement, professional career goals and overall commitment to success.

Including Illinois County Farm Bureau Scholarship programs, more than $875,000 is awarded annually to students pursuing higher education.

Chase Clausen of Genoa was named the Illinois Farm Bureau Legacy of Leadership scholarship recipient and will receive a $7,500 scholarship. Attending the University of Illinois (U of I), he is the son of Jeffrey and Anna Clausen.

IAA Foundation Top Scholars, each receiving $5,000, include Isaac Brockman of Verona, son of Jason and Miranda Brockman, Illinois State University (ISU); Nicholas Close of Reynolds, son of Greg and Brenda Close, U of I; and Tyler Jenkins of Streator, son of Kevin and Margaret Jenkins, ISU.

The IAA Foundation has awarded more than 1,000 scholarships since 1989. This year, the Foundation added new scholarships thanks to generous donors wishing to support the future of agriculture through education. The recipient of the new, $1,000 Clifton L. Duckworth CPA Ag Accounting 4 Tomorrow Scholarship is Shea Dougherty of Ottawa, daughter of Shaun and Chris Dougherty. The recipient of the new Mary Lou Diebold Memorial Scholarship is Julie Fisher of Zion, daughter of Kevin and Susan Fisher.

“We seek to expand our scholarship program each year in order to support more students as they pursue careers in agriculture,” said Jennifer Smith, IAA Foundation development manager. “Through generous contributions from farm families, Illinois Farm Bureau members and others who support our industry, we’ve been able to do just that.”

Recipients of the Fletcher A. Gourley, Leonard Southwell and Roger Capps Memorial Scholarship, awarded to children of Prairie Farms Dairy employees and patrons, in the amount of $2,000 each are Gabrielle Marti of Waukon, Iowa, daughter of Richard and Elisha Marti; Jerica Meana of McGregor, Iowa, daughter of Troy and Andra Meana; Rachel Brehm of Durango, Iowa, daughter of Steve and Sharon Brehm; Allison Diekemper of Carlyle, daughter of Tony and Brenda Diekemper; Kali Michael of Centralia, daughter of Lyle and Joy Michael; Faith Fisher of West Salem, daughter of John and Cathy Fisher; Caitlin Mitchell of Lexington, Tennessee, daughter of Robert and Jennifer Mitchell; Ava Armour of Carlinville, daughter of Todd and Martha Armour; Amanda Wilke of Olney, daughter of Ronald and Shelley Wilke; Donald Watson of Olney, son of Gary and Peggy Watson; Alexis Polczynski of Alton, daughter of Carl and Lisa Lintker; and Mallory Unverfehrt of Okawville, daughter of James and Lori Unverfehrt.

Students receiving the $2,000 Herman E. Wiedle and Cecilia E. Wiedle Scholarship are Claire Eggerman of Carlyle, daughter of Mike and Kim Eggerman; Trever Johnson of Bartelso, son of Kenneth and Lisa Johnson; and Rachell Maue of Breese, daughter of Bob and Lynn Maue.

Recipients of the Jean Stubblefield Memorial Scholarships are $1,500 Undergraduate award Hannah Weiman of Quincy, daughter of Gary and Teresa Weiman; and $3,000 Post-Graduate award Chet McClure of Homer, son of David McClure and Ellen Cassady.

The recipient of the $1,500 Greg Carney Memorial Scholarship is Katelyn Eathington of Avon, daughter of Kevin and Patricia Eathington.

Receiving the $1,300 Collegiate Farm Bureau Scholarship are Nicole Laskowski of Coulterville, daughter of Timothy and Gail Laskowski; Seth Mitchell of Olney, son of Aaron and Deborah Mitchell; Bethany Petentler of Galesburg, daughter of William and Lisa Petentler; and Michelle Cooney of Deer Grove, daughter of Tom and Joan Cooney.

Receiving the $1,000 Collegiate Farm Bureau Scholarship-Community College are Penny Flood of Montrose, daughter of Randy and April Flood; Austin Nakaerts of Plainfield, son of Jeff and Jane Nakaerts; Parker Karrick of Patoka, daughter of Leslie and Angela Britt; Elaine Rudolphi of Olney, daughter of Mark and Maria Rudolphi; and Gwen Heimerdinger of Pearl City, daughter of James and Leann Heimerdinger.

The recipient of the $1,100 Robert F. Rouse Scholarship is Lucy Tarcha of Lake Villa, daughter of Peter Tarcha and Elizabeth Cozzi.

Receiving the $1,100 IAA Foundation General Scholarship in the name of Robert F. Rouse is Jacob Larkin of Pontiac, son of Dale and Jenny Larkin.

The recipients of the $1,000 IAA Foundation General Scholarships in the name of Fletcher Gourley and Leonard Southwell are Brynn Bergen of Seaton, daughter of Daniel and Dawn Bergen; and Hannah Spangler of Avon, daughter of David and Colleen Spangler.

Students receiving $1,000 Dorothy and Wilhelmine Ratermann Memorial Scholarships are Maria Brockamp of Morrisonville, daughter of Dale and Kendra Brockamp; Hannah Timmermann of Germantown, daughter of Jeff and Lynn Timmermann; Alexander Hartke of Teutopolis, son of David and Korrie Hartke; Emma Lagerhausen of Shumway, daughter of David and Jo Lagerhausen; Renee Tillman of Altamont, daughter of Randy and Carol Tillman; Gabrielle Walker of Rockbridge, daughter of Scott and Karen Walker; Krista Russell of Jerseyville, daughter of Craig and Beth Russell; Sally Reed of Jerseyville, daughter of Jan Reed; Joseph Rosentreter of Chesterfield, son of Peter and Melanie Rosentreter; Regan Windau of Edwardsville, daughter of Jeff and Cindy Windau; Gabriel Wrye of Belknap, daughter of Mary Wrye; Ashley Hartman of Waterloo, daughter of Kenneth and Anita Hartman; Joseph Birrittier of Waterloo, son of Don and Gina Birrittier; Loren Koenigstein of Columbia, daughter of Kevin and Lillian Koenigstein; Cody Knodle of Fillmore, son of Mark and Julie Knodle; Garrett Williams of Noble, son of Daniel and Tammy Williams; Gretchen Macklin of Findlay, daughter of Craig and Lara Macklin; Austin Schorfheide of Hoyleton, son of Brent and Jenee Schorfheide; Mackenzie Wells of Nashville, daughter of Michael and Angela Wells; and Josephine Hubele of Carmi, daughter of John and Rachelle Hubele.

The recipient of the $1,000 Dr. E. Ray and Jeanie Searby Scholarship is Makenna Green of Arthur, daughter of Justin and Monica Green.

Receiving the Dwain Ford Memorial Soybean Scholarship in the amount of $1,000 is Kendra Flood of Montrose, daughter of Randy and April Flood.

Recipients of Heartland NAMA Steven A. Hammerschmidt Memorial Scholarships in the amount of $1,000 are Dawn Irwin of Beason, daughter of Steve and Ann Marie Irwin; and Kade Hill of Paxton, son of Robert and Rebecca Hill.

Students receiving the $1,000 St. Louis District Dairy Council Scholarships are Ryan Kampwerth of Carlyle, son of Dean and Lisa Kampwerth; and Kelsey Smith of Pickneyville, daughter of John and Karen Smith.

The recipient of the $1,000 Twin Creek Family Farm Scholarship is Morgan Houia of Kansas, daughter of Leslie Houia-Wright.

Students receiving the $1,000 Vincent O. Greene Memorial Scholarships are Zachary Becker of Amboy, son of Steve and Karen Becker; Miriam Hoffman of Earlville, daughter of Winifred and Kenneth Hoffman; and Courtney Wiedenmann of Coal Valley, daughter of Jeffrey and Barbara Wiedenmann.

The recipient of the $1,000 Illinois Award Scholarship is Gage Miller of Cambridge, son of Travis and Starla Fransene.

The recipient of the $1,000 Martha J. and Walter J. Wills Scholarship is Liz Bland of Eldred, daughter of Steve and Julie Bland.

“It is a privilege to invest in these bright, young minds who represent a strong future for agriculture here in Illinois,” Smith said.

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