IFB issues Call to Act on ‘Clean Energy’

The state legislature Tuesday and Wednesday will vote on “clean energy” legislation that is rumored to grant sweeping eminent domain powers to private energy companies, shut down coal power plants by 2035 and significantly increase costs on ratepayers.

“Illinois Farm Bureau is opposed to the provisions in the ‘Clean Energy’ legislation that gives private utilities the ability to take private property for their systems and closes generation plants that are a key cornerstone to providing reliable and affordable energy,” said Kevin Semlow, IFB director of state legislation.

“We are asking farmers to call their state senators and state representative and ask them to vote NO on any ‘Clean Energy’ legislation that grants eminent domain to private energy companies, closes coal generation plants prematurely, and reduces the reliability and increases the cost of electricity,” Semlow continued.

“To help get this message to your state legislators, IFB has provided a toll-free number to call, 800-515-2464. You will be asked for your zip code and then linked to your state senator and state representative,” Semlow explained. “At this time, we do not know what bill number will be used, but negotiations by key state legislators have been ongoing for weeks now.”

“The ‘Clean Energy’ legislation will contain many different parts, and we expect that both Republicans and Democrats in both chambers will be looking to support the final legislation. It is imperative that your voice be heard,” Semlow emphasized. “The only way to do that is to call your state legislator.”

“To call and voice your opposition to the ‘Clean Energy’ package granting eminent domain to private power companies and reduce the reliability and affordability of our electricity supply, dial 800-515-2464,” Semlow urged.

This story was provided by FarmWeekNow.com.