IFB submits monarch project data to national database

One year after the Illinois Monarch Project Agriculture Action Plan was unveiled on Earth Day, Illinois Farm Bureau continues to highlight voluntary conservation efforts geared toward pollinators.

IFB recently submitted data to the Illinois Monarch Project (IMP) for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service’s (USFWS) Monarch Conservation Database. The uploaded information included a wide variety of more than 200 efforts toward education and conservation of the monarch butterfly in Illinois.

“IFB has been instrumental in setting up opportunities to educate, raise awareness and make additional research investments in monarch butterfly conservation,” said IFB President Richard Guebert Jr. “These voluntary efforts have and will continue to inform our farmer members, landowners and the public about the importance of this species and its habitat.”

“The report IFB submitted helps provide the federal government with hard facts and data about what is going on across the state so that as they work to manage conservation efforts of the monarch butterfly, they can make informed decisions,” said Lauren Lurkins, IFB director of environmental policy.

IFB has been a representative of the IMP technical steering committee and has led the agriculture working group since the project began in 2016.

The IFB Board has allocated more than $110,000 toward research of pollinator and monarch butterfly habitat in agricultural landscapes. IFB has also connected researchers to farmers for in-field research, outreach and extension.