Separating premises ID from animal ID, submitting views to IFB

By Kay Shipman

Animal identification and premises identification refer to different items. Although both are related to livestock, one focuses on animals, the other on a location.

Illinois Farm Bureau is seeking members’ views on premises identification with an electronic survey and a policy discussion article in Viewpoint, according to Tasha Bunting, IFB associate director of commodities and livestock programs. Survey responses are due by Aug. 31.

In addition to IFB’s survey, the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) Bureau of Animal Health and Welfare, which administers premises identification in Illinois, recently sent postcards to registered premises, seeking any updates to ensure the confidential information remains accurate.

Based on some IFB survey responses, Bunting expressed concerns some farmers may be confusing the two terms.

Currently in Illinois, premises identification registration is voluntary, free and all information remains confidential with IDOA. “It’s a simple registration form that focuses on location,” Bunting explained.

For a form, visit

To register premises, a farm, stable, exhibition area or other location with animals is registered with its address, type of operation and animal species found there. A registrant also supplies the name of an individual to contact about the site with telephone numbers.

In comparison, animal identification focuses on individual animals. For example, all states recognize Animal Identification Number (AIN) 840 tags, both Radio Frequency (RF) ID and non-RFID. National Uniform Ear Tags with the U.S. shield are also accepted in all states.

In IFB’s survey, the organization wants to learn about members’ experiences with premises identification, according to Bunting. “Is your premise registered? If no, why not? What’s been your experience?” she said.

The IFB survey also seeks members’ input on the issues they would like addressed if mandatory registration is discussed, Bunting added.   

“I appreciate the survey responses received so far. The comments are very helpful in understanding our members’ opinions on the program,” Bunting said. Any member who hasn’t received an electronic survey, but would like one should contact Bunting at or 309-557-2993.

“Or if you took a survey and would like to word an answer differently, you may retake it,” Bunting said.