Statement from IFB President Richard Guebert Jr.

These are unprecedented times in our world. Efforts to limit the spread of the coronavirus has disrupted our way of life. Downturns in the commodity and financial markets have dealt major blows to the balance sheets of our farmers and members.

I just arrived home from the American Farm Bureau Federation Board meeting in Washington, D.C. We spent hours discussing the best ways to support farmers during this crisis. Many of us have animals to care for and bills to pay.

Farm Bureau will be actively communicating to state and federal officials to the need for:

• farmers to have access to capital,

• packing plants, milk processing facilities and our nation’s ports to be considered essential services and remain open, and

• the handling and supply system farmers rely on to continue to operate.

IFB’s Leaders to Washington this week reiterated with key elected officials the stress in the farm community and how vital trade and markets are to our farmers and rural communities.

Your struggles are real. Our staff is working diligently to communicate the impacts. Please don’t be afraid to reach out for help. The IFB website at provides a resources tab for mental health.

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