The Farm Income & Innovations Conference is IFB’s annual summer conference focused on markets, market innovations, improving farm income and enhancing the image of farms and farmers. Copies if this year's presentations are available here.

IFB conducts annual international or domestic study tours to enhance farmers’ understanding of market opportunities, issues impacting Illinois farmers’ competitiveness and to create a group of leaders to advocate on specific priority trade, marketing, infrastructure and other issues.

The FOOD SAFETY MODERNIZATION ACT (FSMA): PRODUCE RULE impacts almost all fruit and vegetable growers. If you grow, harvest, pack, or hold produce, you may be subject to part or all of the Produce Rule. IFB host's free Produce Safety Alliance Grower Trainings for specialty growers. 

IFB partners with USDA, Farm Credit and others to host the National Direct Ag Marketing Summit. It’s a great opportunity to network with a diverse collection of food system experts and practitioners from around the country! Experts and resources from the public and private sector will be highlighted throughout the 3-day event.