FB ACT: Your Farm. Your Future

Being an advocate for ag just got easier.

Every day, politicians and regulators in Washington D.C., Springfield or your local community make decisions that impact the way you farm.

In today’s world, your voice can be easily drowned out by other interest groups. We need you to speak out and advocate to protect your interests. That’s where our grass-roots advocacy program, FB ACT, comes in to play. With the world at your fingertips, we make being an advocate for Illinois Farm Bureau, the easiest thing you’ll do all day.

When you join FB ACT, we’ll call on you to act when it is most necessary. You’ll be asked to contact your elected officials or submit a comment into a federal docket on key ag issues. Your involvement in legislative and political activities will help to build your relationship with your elected officials and continue to keep agriculture prosperous in Illinois. Without your voice and your stories, our message can’t always reach lawmakers.

FB ACT allows you to act whenever and wherever you’re ready. Whether it’s from the cab of the combine, or in between farm chores, your voice matters and joining FB ACT will make sure it is heard. Whether you are already an FB ACT member or just curious about the program, call your county Farm Bureau and learn what new opportunities await you. Learn how you can act today and win tomorrow. Your Farm. Your future.

Join FB ACT by clicking here.