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Interested in learning more about Illinois farm, family and food related places, events and issues? Partners, The state’s largest organization of farmers, Illinois Farm Bureau, provides an in-depth look at these topics through this informative podcast.

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RFD Illinois

Covering the latest in ag news, markets and weather, RFD Illinois hosts Rita Frazer and DeLoss Jahnke help you make decisions every day on your farm.

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RFD Today

Through in-depth interviews with top ag decision-makers, RFD Today provides reaction to and analysis of the news impacting Illinois agriculture.

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RFD Profit Watch

RFD Profit Watch provides closing market summary, conversations with economists along with grain and livestock analysts.  Hosted by DeLoss Jahnke.

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What happened this week in Illinois agriculture? RFD Radio hosts Rita Frazer and DeLoss Jahnke recap the latest and greatest news stories of the week in the Best of RFD podcast.

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ILDG Podcast

The livestock and poultry sectors in our state have been growing in recent years.  RFDRN’s Rita Frazer hosts the “RFD Livestock Report,” each day, with a PSA included.

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Join Resolutions Committee Chairman Brian Duncan once a month for a one on one conversation about IFB Policy. You’ll learn how policy is at the forefront of our organization and why it shapes what we do. Guest appearances will include IFB staff, members and leadership.Check it out


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