The Crops We Grow

Grain Production Facts

  • Illinois is the #1 soybean producing state in the country.
  • 15% of all U.S. soybeans are produced in Illinois.
  • Illinois is the #2 corn producing state in the country.
  • 13% of our country’s supply of corn is grown on Illinois farms.
  • Crop land makes up 76% of Illinois

In 2018, the ethanol industry in Illinois supported more than 365,000 jobs at 14 ethanol plants in the state.

As of January 2018, Illinois ranked third in the U.S. for ethanol production capacity. In 2018, ethanol production helped support 365,883 jobs and added $46 billion dollars to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product. This economic impact and job creation helped raise individual household incomes by $25 billion dollars.

Illinois continues to be a leading state in the agriculture industry ranking #2in the nation for the sale of crops, and more specifically the sale of grains and oilseeds.

Each year, 274 million bushels of Illinois corn are used to produce more ethanol than any other state -- about 678 million gallons. Illinois also markets other renewable fuels, including soybean-based biodiesel. (IDOA)

Illinois ranks third nationally in the export of agricultural commodities with $8.2 billion worth of goods shipped to other countries. (IDOA) 

Exports from Illinois account for 6 percent of all U.S. agricultural exports. (IDOA)

Specialty Crop Production facts

Learn more about Illinois’ specialty crop industry by visiting the local foods section of our website.