Farm Gate: Environmental Education Program for Livestock Producers

FarmGateIllinois’ livestock industry works hard to address environmental protection through regulatory programs, industry-led educational initiatives, and publicly-funded programmatic approaches. Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB) wants to assist producers with regulatory questions and provide educational opportunities and resources to help meet industry regulations and protect the environment. To do this, IFB has developed an environmental education program for Illinois livestock producers at the farm gate level.

By participating in the program, producers can access a free toolkit of resources to help meet environmental regulations on their operations and schedule an on-farm visit with an IFB-sponsored expert, aimed at helping highlight opportunities for improvement on the operation. Participation in the program is free and confidential – all you have to do is fill out the form below to access these resources.

What are some of the topics covered?

  • Current regulatory compliance requirements
  • Mortalities management information
  • Science-based performance metrics for environmental protection

What is in the free toolkit?

  • Regulatory guide books for beef, pork, or dairy production
  • IEPA inspection checklist
  • Opportunities to schedule an on-farm visit with an IFB-sponsored expert

Access the resources you need to support a thriving livestock industry and the future of Illinois’ environment, economy, family farms, and rural communities.



Someone will contact you within one week of submitting the form.